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Pet Grooming - Medford

Pet Grooming

In Medford, A Poodle Launderette offers professional pet grooming services that are second to none. Our pet grooming services include dog hair trimming, dog nail trimming, bathing, grooming at home, dog hair shaving, portable dog wash, small dog grooming and much more. Our local pet groomers and pet cleaners in Medford are enthusiastic, experienced and of loving nature. They will offer the top-notch pet grooming services to all kinds of pets and ensure the impeccable quality while offering them. Our local dog groomers and trimmers offer pet grooming which removes unwanted hair, prevents hairballs and improves blood circulation, which all aids to keep your pet's coat in a good and healthy condition.

Dog Grooming - Medford

Dog Grooming

The best time to start grooming your dog is after it has had all its vaccinations, which is approximately at their age of 3 months. The sooner you introduce your dog to a professional dog grooming, the happier it will be, eliminating any fear it may tend to develop. All dogs require daily grooming service; the kind and style of grooming will depend on their breed, age, and health. Our local dog groomers in Medford always strive to make your dog happy with extra love and care. Our grooming services include dead hair removal, a nail trims, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanses, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, a custom coat styling by a Pet Spa stylist, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

Dog Wash - Medford

Dog Wash

Our ranges of dog wash and, dog grooming services include everything for your dog's needs. Our premium quality dog wash service isn't 'just' a dog wash service in Medford. We use the highest quality products including a broad range of shampoos, conditioners as well as colognes which cater for all the coat types and also skin conditions and problem parasites which may be present on your pet for example fleas and ticks. A Poodle Launderette is extensive as we understand every dog's coat type is diverse and dependent on the breed and condition. Whether your dog has quite a short or a long coat, whether they're single or double coated and shedding everywhere or if they require clipping or styling we can offer it all. Our entire dog grooming services includes everything that comes with our dog wash service; we only groom a clean and well-prepared coat!

Pet Spa - Medford

Pet Spa

A Poodle Launderette is a truly happy place for pets! Our pet spa in Medford is preferred by many clients for the reliable, loving and quality pet care at extremely affordable rates. We offer expert pet care, grooming, nail trimming, pet training assistance and nutrition counseling. We believe that regular grooming is an important part of canine welfare, all dogs require regular grooming to remove the dead hair, dirt, and parasites. This assists with fighting diseases such as ear disease or fleas, monitoring of skin regulations, tumors or infections. Nail Trimming also helps to avoid the nails growing into the dirty pads, and the removal of hair from their pads and paws is critical to allow the dog to sweat. Our pet groomers are loving and caring and groom your pets in Medford as if they are their own. Our pet spa is truly a sanctuary for your pets for best care and love.

Pet Nail Trimming - Medford

Pet Nail Trimming

Nail clipping is an essential part of our overall grooming service and should be done regularly either by your groomer, vet. Overgrown pet nails can become painful for dogs and lead to health issues. A Poodle Launderette offers a nail clipping service. We can come to your house and clip your pet's nails, or you can bring your pet to a Poodle Launderette. If your pet is boarding with our nail trimmers, then we can cut their nails during the boarding period. A pet’s toenail is constructed of a harder outer cover, which protects the quick, which is the soft inner part of the nail, containing blood vessels and tender nerve endings. Our dog nail trimmers in Medford take an extra care while offering our quality dog nail trimming services.

Flea and Tick Treatment - Medford

Flea and Tick Treatment

When it comes to the flea and tick products, each dog and cat have unique needs. The mission of A Poodle Launderette is to offer a wide variety of quality flea and tick protection services to meet those needs at competitive rates. A Poodle Launderette provides professional treatments for effective flea control in Medford. From the initial inspection of your home to the highly customized treatment plan for your particular situation, our fully-trained pet groomers work with you to answer your every question and solve your flea infestation. We are specialized in the best flea treatment for dogs and tick prevention for dogs at extremely affordable rates.